5 AI Tools To Help Scale Ad Production

Scaling ad production has traditionally been a time, money and effort-intensive process. But with the dawn of AI tools, it's become possible for teams of any size to scale.

5 AI Tools To Help Scale Ad Production
AI Tools to Scale Ad Production

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is boosting their ad production output. Whether it's the number of campaigns per month or the number of creatives that they can experiment with to find a winner, scaling production has always been a time and effort-intensive process.

However, with the rapid boom of AI capabilities and tools in the last couple of years, there are now enough and more tools to help solve this problem.

Here are 5 such AI tools that are owning (and absolutely crushing!) this problem:


Omneky uses AI to create tailored digital ad creatives and optimize return on investment (ROI). Its deep learning algorithms analyze customer data to generate personalized ads. The tool supports the launch and scaling of digital ad campaigns across various platforms. One of its key features is the ability to bring together campaign data from different platforms into a single dashboard for improved analysis and control. This streamlines the process of ad creation, testing, and optimization, making it easier for businesses to manage their digital advertising efforts efficiently.

Ad Creative:

Ad Creative leverages AI and machine learning to create high-performing digital ads for a variety of platforms, including social media and Google Ads. It automates the design process, generating over 100 conversion-focused ads quickly. The tool also crafts the text and headlines for each ad, ensuring they are tailored to the target audience and platform. Businesses have seen significant improvements in conversion rates and click-through rates using Ad Creative. This tool is particularly beneficial for companies looking to boost the effectiveness of their digital advertising with minimal effort.


Creatopy is an ad design automation platform that blends AI with personal creativity. It is designed to assist businesses in scaling their ad production and delivery. Creatopy's software adapts visuals across multiple ad formats and integrates dynamic data into the ads. It reduces time spent on repetitive design tasks and facilitates the adaptation of ads for different platforms. Creatopy is ideal for businesses seeking to streamline their ad design process while maintaining a high level of customization and creativity in their advertising content.


Smartly.io is an AI-driven advertising platform that optimizes ad creatives across channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It offers tools for creative automation, enabling the generation of ad creatives from existing brand assets. The platform allows users to quickly adapt dynamic templates or create new ones, and scale these creatives while maintaining brand consistency. Additionally, Smartly.io supports personalization with real-time dynamic content, making it a powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance the relevance and impact of their social media advertising.


Jarvis.ai is an advanced AI writing tool designed to create a variety of content types including blog posts, social media updates, and website copy. It excels in generating creative, original, SEO-optimized content in more than 25 languages. Jarvis.ai is particularly useful for overcoming writer's block, as it can input relevant keywords and brand information to produce content based on the AIDA framework. The tool can write long-form content, such as video scripts or books, aiding significantly in the content creation process for diverse digital marketing needs.

Each of these tools offers unique capabilities to streamline and enhance the digital advertising process, catering to different aspects of ad production and optimization. And this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Every day, we're seeing newer competitors cropping up, using more complex and more powerful capabilities. Eventually, these companies will have to carve out differentiators, going beyond just 'scale' as a problem. But until the point that ad content at scale becomes pretty much a universal commodity, these tools will be core companions in an advertiser's day-to-day responsibilities.

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